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The Extremo Cyclone bottle has been designed to resist leaks even under the toughest of conditions. Fitted with a rubber seal around the rim which is easy to remove and clean, your Cyclone bottle will not leak or drip.

Your Cyclone bottle from Extremo Sports Nutrution comes with it’s own lower container which can hold your powder, so your Extremo Sports Nutrition Supplement is ready to mix and chug down when you are.

The Cyclone bottle also has rubber grips on the lid to make it easy to tighten and unscrew, and a leak-proof flip-top cap.


   ·        Leak-Proof rubber seal

   ·        Leak-Proof flip cap

   ·        Internal grid for better dissolving

   ·        Supplements container

   ·        100% BPA/DEHP-free non-toxic

   ·        Dishwasher safe

   ·        17.5cm(Height) x 8.5cm (Top) x 7.5cm(Bottom)


   ·        Brand: Extremo Sports Nutrition 

   ·        Material: BPA / DEHP-free non-toxic

   ·        Size: 600ml

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