A post sports recovery supplement, packed with power.

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Powerful ingredients, deliscious taste, designed for athletes

At Extremo Sports Nutrition, we've been devoted to sport for over 20 years, both as players and coaches. In any sport, we believe in going hard or going home - but going hard naturally takes a toll on your body.

Time and time again, we see awesome ball sport players and all other endurance athletes undo their great work by filling their depleted bodies with nutrient-poor snacks and fried-food rubbish. Unfortunately, while there are plenty of supplements for gym users and weight trainers (primarily to build muscle) there are no high quality post - sports recovery supplements designed specifically for athletes invloved in ball sports and other endurance sports. That is, until NOW! 

We have years of experience working closely with ball sport & endurance athletes, analysing what improves their performance, and now we have developed a product that meets their unique needs. Extensive research went into our post sports recovery supplement to make sure it is very effective, also to meet all industry and sportsmanship laws and standards.

Our post sports recovery supplement is Made in Australia using the highest quality imported ingredients and using only those ingredients that have been scientifically proven to improve sports performance.

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